Friday, December 28, 2007

Now that Christmas is over...

...the Valentines Day and Easter stuff is already out. I just about fell over when I was TJ Maxx (picking up some 1/2 off Christmas items) and saw shelves full of hearts and bunnies. Don't these people know how much chocolate we have in our house at this very moment?? I had to take the rest of the Halloween leftovers into work just a few weeks ago! And after all those weeks of shopping and wrapping, I'm not ready to deal with Easter baskets yet.

On the up side of post-Christmas shopping, I am happy to say that I will not need to purchase any gift wrap for next Christmas (and probably the Christmas after that). The jackpot was so big at Walmart that Ethan sent me back to get some more already-decorated gift boxes because he's, well, gift wrap challenged. And let all my readers be witnesses, he has promised to only use scotch tape on these boxes (not masking or duct or any other kind of packing/painting tape), and he will not use excessive amounts so that the boxes can actually be re-used.

Tree is un-decorated and waiting to go outside, the toy corner has been put back together, and the trash men finally came to take away a weeks worth of trash that spanned almost the entire width of our house. Clearly Santa needs to get a trash truck to attach to the back of his sled instead of leaving all the boxes at our house ;-)

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