Tuesday, December 18, 2007


It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...

I'm at home today, if that wasn't obvious. Work is quiet (finally), but not so quiet that I've decided to start watching the Disney Channel over the internet :-)

Eric and I are at home, as his cold has finally reached the point where he shouldn't go to daycare. Maybe an ear infection, but unfortunately the first appointment the doctor's office has is for 3:30 this afternoon. I guess potential ear infections don't rank that high up on the list to get the earlier appointments...oh well. In the meantime, he is being a super sweetheart and snuggling in our bed with me watching TV while I do a little work.


  1. Poor baby! Both of you! Sending well vibes!

  2. I love the new Mickey Mouse clubhouse!! I hope the Dr's appt goes well!

  3. Aww poor little guy, but it's the perfect day to stay in bed and watch tv!