Thursday, December 6, 2007

Now THAT'S a party!

Phone call to Ethan around 6:15 PM: "Hi, honey? I'm going to be a little late getting home because we've been kicked out of 2 bars and my (brand new) truck was impounded."

After the hysteria wore off and I finally stopped laughing, I was able to tell the whole story. While having a fantastic time socializing with my co-workers at our holiday party at a local Irish pub, the owner came around to inform us the building was being evacuated. No, seriously, put down your drinks and get the hell out. But not before you pay your tab (which I didn't realize I had since the waitress was just delivering beverages right and left, thought one of the managers had picked up the tab or something) and no they will not give us "to go" cups for the drinks we ordered 3 minutes ago (hey, it was worth asking!). Another mom and I wander outside, a little miffed that our night off (from being moms) has been cut short, when we find some other co-workers who direct us to a restaurant up the street. A decent crowd from party destination #1 has migrated to party destination #2, but after a few people get drinks, we are informed that this building is also being evacuated. Sunova! And my brand-new lovely truck is parked in the garage attached to the street that has been blocked off!!

Some quick thinking results in party destination #3, a Mexican restaurant that has less than great service during happy hour events and they give some lip as 10 of us pile in there asking for a table. Attitudes quickly change when we say the entire downtown area has been evacuated because of a 'suspicious package' and this is the closest restaurant. They kindly offer us their private room which we happily take (thankfully, a manager has picked up a round of drinks by now, seeing as how some people have purchased 2 drinks they were not allowed to finish). The party continues and was, I think, even better since we have bonded over 3 bars and a 1o minute walk in the cold. There is a 'boom' at some point which we learn (thanks to an adventurous team member) is the bomb squad blowing up the suspicious package/bag (I kid you not, it was on the news!). I was finally able to get my beautiful truck out of the garage and enjoy the rest of the night.

How's that for an interesting party??


  1. Sounds WAY more exciting than my trip to the toy store....
    I'm glad that they didn't blow up your truck!!

  2. Nice, sounds like a fun and exciting evening and who COULDN'T use one of those!