Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oh Christmas tree...

Ethan made the surprise announcement the other day that we would be going to cut down a Christmas tree this year. Huh. I'm not really a cut down your own tree kind of girl. My best tree experience was the year I picked one out in the parking lot of my apartment complex and then delivered it directly to my door. So I was more than a little hesitant about this adventure and pretty much envisioned National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation where they bring home the biggest tree in the forest and then get stuck under a tractor trailer. Go ahead, laugh, this is the sheltered life I have led.

Saturday morning we set out on the tree cutting adventure. Ethan is wearing Evan's Lightening McQueen hat because he can't find any of his hats (somehow he always directs this comment to me as though I have something to do with the missing hats). We all get our coats on and wait for Ethan to clear out the back of his truck. And take the covers off the truck. And look up directions to the tree farm. As I'm ready to strip off coats, we finally leave and Eric promptly falls asleep. A little while later, we arrive at the pumpkin patch, put instead of pumpkins, there are trees. Already cut trees. Hmmmm...while Evan pushes buttons from the backseat, Ethan madly searches on the Treo for the magical forest where we will cut down our own tree. Luckily, it's not far, and we arrive before Ethan and I both lose our minds.

I'll shorten the rest of the story to say Eric and I had no patience to walk around 7 acres of trees to find something and ended up going back to the truck to eat animal crackers and Cheerios. Evan and Ethan returned a little while later with a beautiful tree that they did NOT cut down themselves.

Maybe next year :-)

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