Monday, December 10, 2007

Spoiled? Maybe just a little...

I think I could be the mom in the Mazda CX-9 commercial...the one where the daughter gets in the car and says "Mom, what does 'spoiled' mean?"

"Spoiled?" the mom asks. "Why, did somebody call you that?"

"No," replies the daughter, "somebody called you that."

And then mom and daughter both have a very satisfying look on their face as they cruise along the road. This is me.

I haven't entered a cold vehicle in over a week now. If I realize I have forgotten to warm it up, I find something else I need to do in the house just so I won't have to go sit on a cold leather seat. I am so darn comfortable driving to work that I had to crack the window and turn up the radio so I wouldn't fall asleep. My children are happy in the car and have not shed a single tear when in it (even though Eric has been feeling miserable). Yes, I am spoiled. And proud of it.

Zoom zoom :-)

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