Saturday, December 29, 2007

Printer mystery

I picked up my phone a little while ago and saw an email confirming my order from Amazon for a new printer. I did not order a printer. I was looking at printers yesterday (or maybe the day before), but never even added one to my cart. Ethan says he did not order a printer, and even if he did, why would it show up under my account?

I open my computer for the first time today and find in my history that I have in fact visited Amazon today and it looks like I have bought a printer. Ethan suggests someone has hacked into my account, but seeing as how the order was placed from my laptop, it seems a little strange.

And then light bulb in my brain turns on. Evan was downstairs this morning by himself, eating breakfast and watching the Disney channel. I ask him if he was using my computer and he confirms he was trying to send a message to Nicholas. Apparently he bought us a printer instead :-)

Fortunately it wasn't too expensive and we have free shipping. Unfortunately, it's not one that we want, so as soon as the box arrives, I will be shipping it back to Amazon. Not sure how to handle the problem of Evan randomly clicking on my computer when I'm not watching him...


  1. That is too funny! I am glad that the mystery is solved.

  2. Sheesh, _I_ realized it was our conniving little 4-yr-old... no credit!