Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day 34 - Where does the time go?

Somehow, it's almost 10:00. Where did the day go? We got up, had pancakes, Ethan went to help a friend shop for golf clubs while the boys and I stayed home and made bread...lunch, naps, 2 trips to the Container Store, replacing the shelves in our living room with the new shelves, off to friends for the Superbowl...hmmm, I'm starting to see where the day went. And the worst part? I missed halftime. I assume it happened just about the time I put Eric to bed and then supervised Evan's shower before putting him to bed. Bummer. The last few minutes of the game are proving to be pretty exciting though, so at least there's that. And there's a new episode of House on tonight!! Sneaky networks, hanging onto a couple of episodes...

In the shelf re-arranging, I decided to pull down the picture of Evan we had up, seeing as how we (okay, I) never bothered to put a picture of Eric up there, even though I have one that's kind of the same. So, to be a fair parent and equal to both my children, I'll post them here instead:

Evan (3 days old)

Eric (5 days old)
And holy crap, I can't believe the Giants just won the Superbowl.

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  1. holy crap, I can't believe you gave birth to two boys who look SO big! Where did you fit them?