Friday, February 22, 2008

The great room switch aka We're not going to jump aka It's time to call George

To enjoy a tiny bit of R&R in Florida, I opted to stay in a hotel near my grandparents house. Not an easy task, considering there was a marathon AND a lacrosse tournament going on that weekend and the hotels/planes were PACKED. But I managed to get a room and figured I could check out on Sunday and go stay with another relative if needed (waking up at 4 AM = needing a nap in a dark quiet place, which is why I wanted the hotel). My aunt and uncle from CA were staying across the straight and had a room with a sofabed so their daughter (Eric's godmother, lives in NY) could stay with them. Blah blah blah, sofabed was the size of a very small cot and my cousin is a rather tall girl, so she decided to stay with me. My room had a king bed, which is not the end of the world, but obviously 2 double beds would have been nicer.

I asked the front desk about a different room and they are, of course, fully booked, but the girl will let me know if someone asks to upgrade to a king room. I remind her of this again as I head out for some beauty time, and then again, when I get back. As I leave for the party, there is a different person at the front desk, so I figure I should make sure they're in the loop and they're not. Sigh. Write down my phone number for a second time and head on my way, pretty sure I'll still be in the same room when I get back.

Next morning we get up and shower, and I stop by the desk to see about changing rooms. The girl is back, yet I have to re-explain the whole thing. Not a problem to switch rooms, lots of people checking out today. Just need to sign 17 forms and leave our bags in one of the (locked) conference rooms. We do, write down the phone number for a THIRD time, and head to church/lunch. Come back from lunch and stop by the desk to see if a room is ready so we can move our stuff before heading out for the rest of the day.

Guy: Let me check. Oh! Yes, we have a room!'s on the second floor.

Me: Yeah? And?

Guy: Your other room was on the first floor.

Me: We're not going to jump, I promise.

He checks us into our new room and I tell him twice that I need a receipt for the 'old' room, and that we will need our stuff out of the conference room. I get the receipt on the second request and hands us our new keys with a smile.

Me: Our bags?

Guy: Oh, right. Let me see...I guess I should call George.

Teresa: Yes, I would say it's time to call George.

George is a nice guy, who re-opens the room and we grab our stuff without having to show any ID or signing any more forms. Technically, we could have grabbed someone else's stuff, but seeing as how I had my laptop and a bottle of wine we had swiped from the previous night's party, I don't think we were going to get a better deal ;-)

My grandmother invited us to stay at their place the next night, but that was enough room switching for one weekend!!

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