Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 52 - What?!?!?

I need to learn how to speak cat. Enough of this meowing at 4 AM for no apparent reason and then finding kitty waste in various places in the house. Just tell me when the litter box is no longer meeting your standards! How am I supposed to know that you need a fresh box every 3 days?

And why won't you sleep in the nice comfy heated orthopedic bed anymore? It's right next to the heating vent and if it weren't 2' by 2', I would probably sleep in it, it looks so comfortable! Why do you have to sit next to my ear and meow instead??

And why is it that you can bang your big head into everything in the house, but you can't give your food dish a little nudge so that more food will fall down into the bowl. WHY?!?

How long do cats live? I know Ethan's answer: too long!!

Cole, in his younger days...

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  1. What a fattie! We call one of our cats Fattie - and Tommy started to call ALL cats that. I think we need to stop, I'm afraid he's going to say it to an actual fat person.
    And my cats meow at odd times...and rub their dumb heads on things - and knock them off whatever surface they're on!