Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 53 - The cat (cont'd)

Even though I posted yesterday on how frustrating Cole the fat cat can be, he felt that wasn't enough and wanted me to talk some more. I go upstairs today and find him once again ignoring his comfy cozy orthopedic bed and laying ready? A magazine. Seriously? I'm so confused as to why you would pick a pile of paper that's not even as big as you are over a warm cushy bed.

And tonight, just now? He made me carry him up the stairs. I took the magazine off the floor though, so who knows where he's decided to sleep. Probably on top of somebody's shoe.

Cole and his new bed...
I guess I should be grateful he's only smothering a picture of a baby
and not an actual baby :-)


  1. My cats both sit on anything paper they can find. A textbook I'm using. A magazine I put down to get a drink. The graduate papers all over the dining room table. And don't even TRY to read a newspaper!

  2. by the way...he looks pretty good for being, like, 100 years old!