Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 37 - Photography 101

Tonight was my first photography class. It's in one of the science classrooms of a local high school. There's a hamster running on a wheel (in a cage), a stuffed squirrel, and a tank that looks like it should hold some sort of slithery animal, but there was no slithery animal. Is that what high school science classrooms look like everywhere?

The teacher is an odd lady with no kids, but a "cat out of wedlock." Most people in the class seem normal and somewhat intelligent with varying interests in photography (kids vs. nature vs. architecture), so it should be good. Today I learned how to take a picture without a flash by setting the aperture and shutter speed. Here's what I got:



  1. took a picture of books! How exciting....he he he (lets see some new pics of the boys!). and I don't think we have any animals living in our science rooms up on the 3rd floor - but I don't even venture up there. And our science teachers are way cooler than that!!

  2. My 9th grade biology class was trying to raise baby horseshoe crabs (I think) but in the time that I was there alls I saw was a fish tank filled with water....

    Nice picture though :-)