Friday, February 8, 2008

Day 39 - And they laughed

Yesterday's posts were a little loose on details, so just to clarify:
  • I have put in notice at my current job and will be starting a new one in a few weeks. I'm excited and nervous, all at the same time. I've received a lot of great compliments from my current co-workers and clients though, which continues my cloud from yesterday.
  • The doctor was 95% sure that Eric just had a virus, but because of Evan's recent pneumonia, gave us antibiotics 'just to kill anything that might be there.' He's the man :-) We have to nebulize Eric FIVE times a day this weekend, but he's actually doing very well. Except when Ethan gives him the nebulizer :-(
Ethan calls this afternoon to ask if I talked to to the guy who used to be my boss and is now my boss 3 levels up. I say no, why would I have called him?

E: Because he called last night

J: And you're just now telling me?

E: I tried a couple of times, but you were talking too much and then I forgot.

So I call the old boss and immediately apologize for not calling sooner and explain that I just got the message because Ethan said he tried to tell me, but I was talking too much. And my old boss? He LAUGHED. And agreed that I can talk too much!!

And when I told Ethan that he had laughed, he started laughing too. And laughed for a long time.

I don't talk THAT much.

But my boyz do love to laugh :-)

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  1. hmmm...sometimes you do. But its all good - someone in the house has to talk...and speak English (Not Klingon!)
    Love the pic...