Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 51 - A lady of leisure

To continue my week of unemployment, I laid around all day watching soaps and eating bon bons. Ha! Whatever. The only reason I turned on the TV was to let the boyz watch Disney channel so I could shower before taking them to daycare. Then I went to Target and spent most of the rest of the on the computer doing un-fun things that needed to be done. And still haven't touched the taxes. Maybe tomorrow?

My new laptop is slightly uneven and rocks back and forth as it types, so I called Dell to complain. The woman finally understood my problem when I compared it to an uneven table at a restaurant where you finally stick a sugar packet under one of the legs. The good news: they're sending me a new laptop. The bad news: they're sending me a new laptop. After I finally got most everything set up on this one the way I like it. Oh well, better than being computerless for a couple of weeks!!

I think it's still snowing...kind of hoping it stops so I can (selfishly) enjoy another day by myself tomorrow!

The last snowfall we had (which just recently melted)

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