Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mommy, I need you to do me a flavor

Time to take a break from the hideous to-do list I need to work through this week and oh good grief, it has just started to snow. Please don't close daycare early, please don't close daycare early.

I think it was Friday night (either that or it was Tuesday night, because Eric was in the tub and I really don't think I could remember anything as far back as Sunday night and those are usually the nights our children bathe/shower). Man it feels good to let that stream of consciousness go! And I spelled 'consciousness' right!! Go me!


Evan and I were putting laundry away (well, I was putting it away and he kept re-arranging the piles) and he said "Mommy, I need you to do me a flavor."

"A flavor?" I asked

"Yes. You need to go give Daddy a kiss."

Umm. Okay. Easy enough. I go into the bathroom where Eric and Ethan are making a great splashing mess and give Ethan a kiss while Evan peeks in through the door, giggling at us.

In his stage whisper roar "and tell him you love him"

Again, easy enough, and I have completed all my flavors for the evening.

Kids are so cute.


  1. I concur...FREAKIN' ADORABLE.
    I think I need someone to ask me to do a flavor.