Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 32 - Manly Jambalaya

I have to admit, I was afraid. Since his job allows him to work less or no hours on Fridays, my hubby has taken over dinner duty on Friday nights. It hasn't been easy. Not on me, having to relinquish control of something, and not on him, having to deal with my pickiness at what he's cooking and what he's using to cook it. I mean, the man can grill like nobody's business, so why is there a need to step into the kitchen--my domain--and cook there??

To make it even more frightening, he insists on cooking from these A Man, A Can cookbooks. Although, I have made some of these recipes myself and they're not so bad. I think I'm just still traumatized from the day Ethan made the boys chicken nugget refried bean burritos for dinner.

Anyway, tonight was 'Manly Jambalaya' night. It had chicken, sausage, shrimp, AND bacon in it. He didn't realize the recipe called for 'regular' rice and he was using instant. I forgot to buy green pepper. He used some sort of onion spice instead of one of the many onions sitting in the refrigerator.

It was pretty good. I'm pretty sure I have a clogged artery from all the greasy saltiness, but it still was good. Evan ate most of it after we convinced him the sausage was hot dogs and Eric held his own after he lost interest in putting his feet on the table (a firm voice when you're trying not to laugh just doesn't seem to do it, but the sight of his little red sock inching onto the table was just too funny to contain).

So if your hubby wants to cook manly jambalaya, give it a chance. Join in the moment and have a beer and good belch afterwards too ;-)

In the interest of being a stern parent, I was not able to take a picture of Eric sticking his foot on the table. So here's my hubby with his favorite cooking utensil.


  1. Molly has been putting her foot on the dinner table... she must have learned that from Eric. I too try not to laugh and mostly fail in this particular instance.

    I love the picture of your hubby :)

    I love that he cooks on Fridays now - but the real question is -was the red wine open and "breathing" when you got home?

  2. Wierd...Tommy's been doing the foot thing, too. Strange, since he's never met Molly or Eric. And I am much better at not laughing than John is about it.
    But, I'm glad the grill was OFF when Ethan decided to hug it - otherwise OUCH!

  3. I read John this blog last night as he was cooking me dinner...he loved the picture of Ethan - and now wants me to take one of him doing the same and said the Many Jambalaya sounded AWESOME. Now, I am VERY afraid I will come home to find it cooking in my kitchen!

  4. Red wine was breathing when I got home, but only because I opened in the night before ;-)

    This was one of the better meals. Waaaay better than the chicken with bing cherry sauce on top. Eric was the only one that would touch that one.

    And I also love the grill picture :)