Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 35 - Is that Klingon?

Eric speaks his own language, one that even Ethan and I have trouble understanding most of the time. But sometimes...sometimes he comes out with something that makes you cock your head to one side like a dog does when they think they heard something they wanted to hear, but aren't sure if they heard it.

I went to Marshalls the other day and when I came home (with a bag in my hand), he said "whadja buy?"

When Grandma was visiting last week, he asked where Pop-pop was and after Grandma said he stayed home, he asked "Wass he doing?"

(Evan used to say "Daddy! Doing!?" constantly when he was little and it was the sweetest thing ever.
We have tried to teach Eric this phrase, but he absolutely refuses to give in.)

So here's my little Klingon

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  1. cute, very cute. but does he keep repeating whatever it is he is saying until you comment correctly or repeat it back to him?