Thursday, February 7, 2008

Different planets, same universe

Conversation between hubby and I over lunch today:

Me: Eric's still breathing pretty hard, not sure whether to go ahead and take him to the doctor today or wait and see how he does over the weekend with the nebulizer.

Translation: Do I take him today when I am already working from home or do I roll the dice and hope that he gets better over the weekend so I don't have to take time off on Monday and waste a vacation day at a job I am only going to be at for another week?

Hubby: If you can get an appointment for today, then you should take him today. Or I can take him during the walk-in hours tomorrow.

Translation: Take him today because I don't want to have to take time off tomorrow to take him even though I have a job with gobs of leave. And if he doesn't go today and he really is sick, I will subtly lay on the thick guilt (see note below).

Later in the afternoon, I call to tell him I have gotten Eric an appointment for this afternoon so he will need to pick up Evan and take care of dinner.

Hubby: What made you change your mind?

Translation: Holy crap! She listened to me? I am the man!

Sigh. Are we speaking the same language?

As an added note, whenever Ethan wants to take Eric to the doctor NOW and I think we should wait, Eric is sick with something they can treat (i.e. ear infection). But whenever I rush to take him to the doctor, it's always a damn virus that they can't do anything about. Maybe my luck is changing?


  1. So wrong. Altho that last translation is dead-on. :D

  2. This conversation seems VERY familiar....I think all married couples have one like it....

  3. I swear my husband and I have that same conversation when my Gabi starts needing his nebulizer treatments.

    I've gotten to know him well enough that I just give them as often as needed. Usually ends up every 3 hours if he's pretty bad. And I'll use a steroid too if he sounds really bad and doesn't seem to be improving.

    Hope it's treatable. ;)