Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day 40 - Time is running out!!

Just finished a lovely dinner, a bottle of wine, and a round of cards with some friends and realized I have less than 40 minutes left to post in the day--gasp!!

A long story I can't really tell to preface this, but today I was at an event where someone was, well, complaining, that there were no schools in this area that satisfied what they were studying. Seriously, we live in the general area of the capital of the United States--what the hell was this girl studying that couldn't be found in the DC, Baltimore, or northern Virginia region? Really, truly, I hope someone can tell me, because I am at a loss to think of what it could be.

Just to prove how 'city' we are, here's a video of when Evan spotted a turtle on the sidewalk behind our house about a year ago. I can almost hear the 'Green Acres' music playing in the background:

And just to clarify, yes, Evan is wearing his pajama shirt with boxers (no pants),
Eric's hat, and a Spiderman backpack. Talking about bears and wolves.

I have to do my photography 'homework' tomorrow, so hopefully the boys will cooperate as my subjects. Or at least be nearby while the camera is out :-)


  1. o.k. that is cute and adorable.

    and I need to watch it again, but my drunk husband is calling me to watch American Idol.

    I think it's the American Idol that is getting me off my tail..

  2. That is cute and adorable :) Sounds like a great night!