Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 31 - Spring is in the air!

She says as her inbox is full of winter storm warnings/advisories about an icy mass heading our way overnight. But step into Marshalls, and spring is right around the corner. All the cute shoes and bright colored clothes and lightweight jackets. And the purses!! Spring colors galore. Surprisingly enough, I was able to avoid my 2 biggest obsessions--jackets and purses--and came home with the shoes I went to buy and a couple of pairs of (winter) PJs for Evan that were on clearance. Lucky for my bank account, the jacket I really liked was only available in white and that's just not happening with 2 little boys in my life!!

Spring 2005 at the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens...
great place to see the cherry blossoms without fighting the downtown crowds!


  1. We want to meet you there in sprint of 08, lovely!

  2. Yeah. That place is sordof putting my duck pond to shame.

  3. Count me in!! (With Tommy, of course!) I also have a shoe addiction, and purse addiction, and I've been working on my jacket addiction - but my mother keeps feeding that one!