Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day 38 - Sometimes, it's just nice to hear it

I know I'm a good mom...I'm not perfect and I'm sure I could be a better mom, but all in all, I know I'm good. Sometimes it's nice to hear it though.

**Warning: this could be seen as another 'sick kid blog', which according to my husband, I post way too much about sick kids**

Evan is fully recovered from his latest round of pneumonia, and had a visit with the doctor this morning resulting in a clean bill of health. Eric has also been pretty healthy, except for a cough and runny nose/eyes which I blamed on the sudden warm weather that showed up earlier this week. Then his breathing started to get a little heavy after doing absolutely nothing strenuous and didn't seem to get any better after the nebulizer. After a story I'll post separately, we decide it's better to get him checked out and, lucky lucky, get an appointment for late afternoon with THE doctor. When I say THE doctor, it's because he's the reason the practice is so popular. He's old school, doesn't mess around, and whatever his diagnosis is, you're confident that's what it is because he's so confident.

Eric and I show up for the 4:40 appointment armed with snacks and toys galore, preparing for the worst after Evan's 4-hour visit last week. Wasn't too bad of a wait and the doctor comes in and does his thing...listening, diagnosing, explaining treatment, writing prescriptions. All the while, Eric is sitting on my lap drooling like crazy, flipping through books before requesting another from the giant basket they keep in each exam room. He's babbling the whole time "" and I'm trying to keep him on each page a little longer, asking where thing are and what noise different animals make. The doctors stops all his writing and looks over and smiles and says "thanks...I'm enjoying's really great to see how you're taking this time and just enjoying it with him and mothering him and reading to him."

I could continue about how great the rest of the night was, despite a trip to CVS, an awful dinner at Popeye's and TWO nebulizer treatments, but I'm still just too darn proud of myself for being a good mom and having a (almost) complete stranger recognize it.

Almost forgot the picture, I'm on such a cloud!


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  2. That's such a neat story! It's definitely true though. I always tell people how you're such a great mom and you teach the boys how to do such great stuff and have awesome manners. It actually just came up today in one of my classes where I was talking about how you take so much time to read to Evan and Eric and how much they love looking at books!

    (Sorry I had to repost it, I realize I made a spelling error, and it was driving me nuts).

  3. Nice. Its great to hear that other people can see the effects of your mothering!
    I hope everyone is feeling better...
    And are you changing jobs?

  4. Awww, that's sweet. Sometimes the best rewards aren't things you can touch or see!