Sunday, March 9, 2008


I think Eric is going to do well in college. Maybe not academically (ok, that sounds mean, but keep reading), but he is going to thrive in the fraternity/drinking games area.

He chugs liquids like there will be no more. I think he peed through 2 diapers today, and every time we put a cup in front of him without a lid, he emptied it (into his mouth) before putting it on the table.

The kid has a taste for beer. It's not like we're sitting around having keg parties with our kids, but Ethan and I both enjoy the icy cold bottle of beer from time to time. When Evan was a baby, he loved to gum on the bottles when he was teething. I opened a Sam Adams open night and Eric looked at it longingly with drool dripping off his chin, so I held the bottle up to his mouth, expecting him to wrap his gums around the cold glass.

Instead, he grabbed it with both hands, pulled it out of my hands, tipped it back and had 2 gulps before I realized the beer was out of my grasp. And now? When he sees me getting a beer, he follows me around saying "Mommy beer?" and I have to put the thing way back on the counter so he can't grab it and indulge.

And I thought it was bad when Evan would just backwash a lot of drool into my beer.


  1. Oh my. Between the beer and strapping your kids in the car so they don't get hit in a parking lot... you are lucky you aren't in jail.

    That is funny! Molly will probably be a construction worker so those 2 should get along well :)

  2. Ahhhh...not really sure what to say here. I think Tommy would make a GREAT professional wrestler. Since he loves to fall on the ground, and tells whoever he is playing with to do the same.