Friday, March 28, 2008

Soccer moms

I was picking the boys up from daycare today, and ran into another mom picking up her kids (the mom I have mentioned before). Her son is in Evan's class and daughter is in Eric's glass (and both of my boys seem to have a crush on her which is so cute). Anyway, the older boys were wound up as can be and running around like crazy and generally not listening when the other mom yelled (at her son):

"You need to listen or there will be no soccer tomorrow!"

Both our kids froze as though you just said Santa Claus wouldn't be coming for Christmas, and another mom (with a son in Evan's class) stopped in her tracks as well.

Apparently, all our children are signed up to start soccer tomorrow, and so I feel I have achieved the status of 'Soccer Mom.'

Go me.


  1. Well, you do have the fancy new car - perfect for opening the tailgate to a cooler full of orange slices and water! he he
    Enjoy the soccer....

  2. WOW, soccer mom... kinda crazy.

  3. I went to soccer after a trip to Costco...the contents of my tailgate? Two cases of beer. Maybe there's some sort of soccer mom training I need to sign up for?