Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Springtime Rhyming

Evan came home today insisting that, on Saturday, we don't need to wear jackets because it will be spring. I'm not sure Mother Nature agrees with that, so we may have to stay inside all day Saturday just to make sure Evan doesn't have to wear a jacket. And because he doesn't need to wear a jacket? He wants to wear his backpack instead.

When he picked out his books at bedtime, he chose a prayer book and 'The Polar Express.' I guess the thought of spring has already left his head. He also asked that I put lotion on his chapped little hands. Such a confusing child.

While putting on his pajamas, Evan passed gas and did his usual "excuse me,--Mommy, I passed gas." In case you didn't actually hear the passing, he still wants you to know it has happened. I give up trying to explain to him that he doesn't have to tell people that he has burped/passed gas and I figure he has a few more years until it stops being quite as cute and funny. Then he proceeded to tell me how 'pass' and 'gas' rhyme, just like 'duck' and 'truck' and some other examples I can't remember.

So he's a little gas machine, but at least he knows how to rhyme. That has to count for something, right?


  1. I am glad I have girls... although Aubrey does start giggling when she toots (I blame that on Doug and his letting her play with his Fart Machine).

  2. At least he says EXCUSE ME! Tommy tries to...it comes out CuseME. (With lots of giggles!)
    And I think Evan is onto something....maybe if we don't wear jackets- Mother Nature will get the picture. Probably not.

  3. That is too sweet. Sebi lifts one leg and grabs his butt and tells me, "I have a lots of gas in my booty"


    Perhaps, I'm doing something wrong. That just made me sound like I lift a leg and make declarations. and I DO NOT.