Friday, March 7, 2008


My husband likes to send me all sorts of things on email, the weirdest one being this, but another link leads me to a new blog that I've added to my Google Reader. A random collection of parent blogs, some funny, some informative, but today? This blew me away. And now I must get on a parenting rant for a minute.

When I go to the store (Target, Giant, etc.), I always always ALWAYS put my children in the car before I put the groceries in. Whether it's Evan walking beside me or Eric sitting in a cart. I've seen too many carts roll away in the 2 seconds it takes to load a bag into the trunk and I myself have made the mistake of backing into another vehicle and know how hard it is to see a small child, especially in a big vehicle. When I am done loading my groceries, I lock the car and return the cart to the nearest return spot---usually close, because I try to park close, but sometimes luck is not on your side and you end up 20 feet away or a row over. So, if I lived in Illinois, essentially I could be arrested for doing this--am I reading that right? Seriously. I appreciate the law and the fact that it's trying to protect the too many children that have suffocated in a car in the middle of summer, but this seems to be a little much.

And the kicker is that in the process of arresting the woman, the police left the 3 children she was caring for alone at the Wal-mart...that know what.


  1. I do the same thing with the kids and the cart...

    that article is insane. People are insane...

  2. If the nearest cart spot is not close - I leave the cart in the lot...they pay people to corral them in MD for a reason!