Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Too early for puberty--right?

Evan is being a teenage category beast today. I picked him up from daycare and he announced he wasn't going to wear his jacket. Umm--yes you are, it's chilly out there! He looked me dead in the eye and insisted in a flat voice that he did NOT need his jacket, and some of his friends didn't wear jacket today, so he didn't need one either. Oh boy. Then I had to circle around the table multiple times to catch him, doing my best to stay in a daycare appropriate tone of voice. Then I had to pretty much drag him to go get Eric, and he cried the whole way. Good times.

Dinner was surprisingly uneventful, and he even asked for seconds of the salmon (????). Then the stern looks and mean voice started again as he insisted he SHOULD get a treat and did NOT need to take a shower and could color TWO more pages in the coloring book.

Is this a preview of what he'll be like as a teenager?


  1. teenager? Not hardly...this is what the rest of your life will be like...or at least until the child is a man (of 18 years of age) and you can show him the door (hopefully to college)...for example; good news is that Jonathan is in basketball camp this week (Spring Break) bad news is that all the control that he gets to exercise at camp translates into power trip when he gets home...it usually takes about 3 stand-offs before he gets the message that camp is over and the adults are in charge...stick to your guns and don't let them win even one battle...and of course Eric is watching EVERYTHING...basically Evan does as he pleases all day at daycare and as soon as he sees you he TESTS you to make sure the boundaries are still in place. I must say I am amazed that he is already invoking the power of the crowd at his age...you are going to have to start coming up with some clever lines about why the other kids are doing what he can't...

  2. Oh..CRAP. I'm having a hard enough time dealing with 2, and you're telling me 4 is bad, too!

  3. Aubrey puts her hand up (like arm straight out, palm up... stop kinda motion) and says - BEFORE I CAN TELL HER TO GET HER COAT - "mom I am not being to get cold and DO NOT need any jacket", then turns and walks away. I laugh... all I can do.