Sunday, March 16, 2008

Click. Beep.

There's that unmistakable 'click' that you hear when the electricity goes out. I heard it early this morning, and then saw the portable light go on that only turns on when you take it off the charger (or the power goes out). Nooooooo...

It actually worked out okay. When Evan woke up, I was able to convince him that it was still 'night' (since he couldn't see the clock) and he went back to sleep until just after 8 AM. Ethan decided to take the boys out for pancakes and, on the way down the stairs, there was the familiar beep of the oven as the power came back on. So Sunday morning pancakes commenced, but I skipped out to save room for brunch with 2 girls I used to work with. Yum...I think we had 3 plates a piece and tasted ever dessert they offered.

Wrapped up the afternoon with a playdate for both kids (brother in Evan's class, sister in Eric's class) with the mom I wasn't too sure how I would survive a couple of hours with. Ended up going very well, kids had a great time and were amazingly well-behaved (a few threats, but no actual time-outs/tantrums), and I even enjoyed myself too. So yes, all that yipping and worrying for nothing.

And this week I'm flying solo at work because my boss is on vacation--yikes!!


  1. I guess its a good thing that EVERYONE at work knows your name! he he he...
    signing off....LYBIA

  2. You will do great this week and it sounds like a perfect Sunday :)