Monday, March 17, 2008


Not one comment on the chicken with a potato for a head...have I finally lost all my readers?

An adventure-less day except for the fact that a couple of us went to a Turkish restaurant for lunch and while I didn't really eat all that much, I ate so much that even the though of dinner made me feel slightly ill. The boys were quite heartbroken that they were forced to eat leftover pizza (all off it!) and then treats from 'the leprechauns.' And I would have taken a picture of them in their green attire, but apparently Eric could not keep his shirt clean because he was wearing a blue one by the time I picked him up. Bummer.


  1. Are you serious? The boys were disappointed that they had to eat pizza for dinner? That's always a plus here!

  2. Thanks for clarifying the joke. I was confused too :)

  3. I knew they weren't really bothered by it! I mean, really, who WOULD be?
    And I thought the chicken picture was so great, it didn't need a comment?!