Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Last time...

I am once again moving files off of computer. Mine is too wobbly and Dell has oh so kindly extended their 21 day return policy (after I reminded them I requested an exchange less than 14 days after my date of purchase), so I need to clean off my 6 GB worth of photos AGAIN. Then I have to share a computer with Ethan until he decides what computer he is going to get (he has a smaller, less wobbly Dell, but it doesn't have the little eraser mouse, so we made a deal...and I'm not sure I got the good end of it). So basically I am blogging to waste time while all my photos move onto the hard drive. Lucky readers!!

My job is going better. The fire hose is still on, but at least I am catching a little bit of the water. I have no idea where to go with this metaphor. I did my first status report, statement of work, and conducted a meeting to address the very lengthy list of issues my application has. Accomplishing things feel good :-)

Did everyone else have one hell of a storm last night? I think it was worse than hurricane Isabel, although all our trees were standing when I got up this morning. Our house is in better shape than I thought, because I would not have been surprised to find water dripping in doors/windows when I got up this morning.

I read through my spam folders a couple of times a week, just to make sure I don't miss a message I should actually be getting. If I were to believe the messages I get, apparently I need help with dating, re-growing hair, getting cash, and renting my timeshare. I'm kind of tempted to ask one of these people where my timeshare is because, if I have one, I'd really like to be using it!!

Only 2 more minutes left of this torture...and I have nothing.

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  1. Maybe you should just load your pics onto a removable hard drive. Thats what John and I loaded ALL of our music onto for itunes...