Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Taking Control!

I am really just not enjoying my new job...I feel as though I have no control over ANYTHING, which is a control freak's worst nightmare. So today, I decided to take control. I'm not sure I made any progress as far as work goes, but at least I feel like I have a grip on things, if only with my pinky finger :-) And because I'm sure you're dying to know how I managed to turn my mood around, here you go:
  • Brought in a whiteboard and made it all shiny and clean and promptly listed all the things I'm trying to get done on it. Big, small, whether I'm the hold-up or someone else, up on the board it went.
  • Cleaned all the crap out of my office.
  • Emptied the 2 ginormous computer boxes and found out where to put them.
  • Disposed off all the extra office supplies the previous guy left behind...the extra stapler, tape dispenser, binders, notepads. I don't like other people's crap!!
  • Removed all the miscellaneous computer pieces the last guy left behind and actually made someone else happy because I had an extra docking station/keyboard and one of my co-workers had neither.
  • Stole--err--found a chair in an empty cube so on the rare occasion that someone comes to talk to me, I have a place for them to sit.
  • Started sending emails based on my 'problem list' so that at least I know I'm doing everything I can to get things moving.
So it still wasn't a great day, but at least I've got my head (back) in the game. Oh, and the HR people straightened out the vacation problem, but in a weird way. As in, they had to involve the legal department. So deep down, I'm feeling pretty good about standing my ground and getting what I deserve ;-)


  1. At least you can admit you are a control freak. We know someone who took YEARS to admit that...and it wasn't me!! ;)

  2. Good for you! And what is Lydia talking about?