Thursday, March 13, 2008

Things that go beep in the night

I woke up at some very dark hour to find the house freezing, my husband missing, the lights on downstairs, and a random 'beep.' After realizing it was 5 AM, I just thought Ethan decided to get up and go swimming and ignored the noise. Then there was a crash, and another beep, so I called down to see if Ethan was okay.

"The alarm is wigging out."

Still convinced I don't need to get out of bed into the bitter cold, I figure as long as he's not running around with a flashlight and a baseball bat, then there's no reason for me to worry.

Until Evan comes in, looking for one of his stuffed animals. I get out of bed, Evan heads to the bathroom, I find the stuffed animal, and the random single beep turns into a long series of beeps. By some miracle, I convince Evan it's okay and that he can go back to sleep (with a little help from his CD player). I go downstairs to find our pantry taken apart and Ethan ripping at wires. The beeping stops.

In a nutshell, our old house alarm, which has been disconnected since we went with a different company however many years ago, has suddenly come back to life. And because it's hard wired into the electricity and has some sort of battery backup, and another nine lives, it did not want to die. But Ethan finally killed it, and I dozed until it was really time to get up.

And now? As I type this? I just heard a random beep.

**Update: the random beep last night was the battery in Ethan's pager dying. Whew!! And yes, he's sure that's not what was causing all the beeping the night before.**

1 comment:

  1. least your husband knew where beep the wiring was. Mine would just shut off the power for the beep house - throw some extra blankets on us all - and go back to beep sleep. Then tell ME to call someone beep to fix it in the morning.

    (that was fun to beep type)