Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Random randomness

Kind of stuck on today's blog...too many incomplete thoughts, I think. The fire hose has been turned on at work, which is a little stressful and I am resisting the urge to pull my work laptop out of my bag. I get to work 2-3 hours before my boss in the morning, so plenty of time to get ahead of the game tomorrow, right?

I'm also trying to figure out how we are going to live without a kitchen for a month (roughly) while they know ours down and put it back together again. Hoping the no fridge/stove/sink time will be less than that, but there will still be a good amount of time while they rip everything out, remove some drywall, and tile before putting things back in again. And while eating out every night would be lovely, I'd prefer to spend that money on the uber-quiet dishwasher or a fridge with french doors and water and ice (I drink a lot of water, the water dispenser is a must...our tap water is awful). I think the lack of a dishwasher/big sink will be the biggest problem, since we have a microwave, 2 small fridges, a freezer, and a side burner on the grill. My newest dilemma? What to do with all the bottles/jars or salad dressing and olives and other things? I hate to throw them away, but I think fridge space would be very limited if I kept most of those things (don't worry B, I already threw away the old ranch dressing!)

And this is the randomness going through my head tonight.


  1. How do you sleep at night with all those things running through there? My cousin re-did her kitchen and put her old fridge in the dining room for the time. I don't know if you have room - but a fridge in the middle of my living room sounds like a good idea to me!

  2. I still feel bad about pointing that out because I know some people get a little edgy about people checking dates on stuff in their fridge, but I would have hated for someone to get sick!

    I just look at the bright side of things... when you or I open the fridge at your house there is actually something substantial IN the fridge ;-)

  3. L - Fridge in the living room is a good idea, but I think ours requires a larger than normal outlet? We have 2 small fridges in the basement, so we're thinking of bringing 1 upstairs during the renovation for basic stuff.

    B - No worries, I'm glad you found it and no one got sick from it! Now, if you found the expiration date on a random jar of relish buried in the bottom shelf, I might wonder what you were looking for ;-) But not really.