Friday, March 14, 2008

Frozen to table in six minutes!! Awesome!!

After reading Kelly's great experience with the Ziploc Zip'nSteam bags, I had to try for myself. I figured this might be a way NOT to live out of fast food containers when we are kitchen-less. The bags? Are AWESOME. AWESOME!!

I had some frozen tilapia (and hubby complains we don't eat enough fish), so I figured I would put these things to the full test--you don't even have to defrost the meat!! Awesome!! I have a tilapia recipe that we've already used and enjoyed (on the stove), so I modified it slightly and just threw all the stuff in the bag with the fish (sliced olives, grape tomatoes, salt and pepper). Six minutes later (after being convinced the bag was going to blow up in the microwave), we had perfectly cooked tilapia. I slid it onto a plate, squeezed a little lemon juice and sprinkled some grated parmesan on top, and you never would have guessed that meal was cooked in a plastic bag in the microwave in 6 minutes. Evan cleaned his plate and even earned a little whipped cream on top of his cantaloupe, he was so good about it.

I did make some pasta on the side, which took longer than 6 minutes, but still...did I mention how AWESOME the fish was?? And the only dishes to wash were the ones we ate off of?

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