Friday, March 14, 2008

Works every time

Evan insists on sleeping with a 'warm cozy blanket,' better know to the rest of us as a fleece blanket. It's getting to the time of year when I have to find an excuse to take it away, otherwise he will roast to death at night, but in the meantime, if you try to say one is dirty, he happily reminds me that he has more. Yet whenever I'm cold, I can't find a blanket to save my life.

Anyway. Sometimes Evan is not the most cooperative kid at bedtime (shocker) and will kick his feet in the air or sit up or something while I try to put the blankets on him at night and I warn him "lay still or I'll take the blanket away." This also comes in handy when he is jumping in and out of bed like a jumping bean to say "stay in bed or I"ll take the blanket away."

Last night? As I make my usual threat (which I haven't had to carry out in a looooong time), he says to me "Mom, why do you always say that?" Hmmm...hopefully he's not on to me!!

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