Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rabid dogs?

No, no, just Ethan and Eric enjoying their smoothies:

I have other photos, but our internet is being outrageously slow and other computer issues. And yes, Eric is wearing a mitten in the above picture and I have no idea why but I hope it's the mitten I was looking for earlier this week!

Enjoyed a lovely pancake breakfast at the local fire station and came home full and tired after eating and touring all the engines/trucks. Evan's girlfriend and family came over for some playtime and dinner, which is always fun to have a girl in the house for a little while (and she is a girly girl, complete with princesses). And now Ethan is tormenting me with a bad weekend movie marathon--Wedding Crashers, Superbad, and now Old School. I may have to escape upstairs with a chick flick or some 90210...


  1. Wierd...I was just thinking of changing channels to watch Old School...or Wedding Crashers. I could use some stupid, dumb testosterone filled humor after today!
    And....Evan has a girlfriend? Isn't he 4?!

  2. Hurray for 90210!!

    Chuck wants to know why you think those movies are bad?

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  4. I definitely watched Wedding Crashers AND Napoleon Dynamite this weekend. Not ashamed to admit it!