Saturday, March 29, 2008

My son, the bad guy

It's so rare that I'm actually sitting at the computer when some entertaining conversation is taking place between the boys in my family. Today must be my lucky day. Evan is coloring in his Batman coloring book and asking 14 billion questions, mostly directed at Ethan (at least Ethan is the one answering him). This caught my attention though...

Evan: I have never been in jail. One time, when I was a bad guy, they didn't catch me because I ran so super fast.

Ethan: Why were you a bad guy?

Evan: Whatever. One time I was a bad guy.


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  2. OK, there are toooo many E's in your family and I got confused. It is the margaritas. What? We have been on vacation, Doug has a margarita maker and I am drinking margaritas.

    So has Ethan ever been a bad guy? And who is teaching Evan to outrun the "good guys"?