Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How we make decisions

Ethan and I have a very scientific method of making decisions...basically one of us keeps making similar suggestions and then throws out something so horribly bad that the other person has to agree with one of the previous suggestions.

Examples (breaking point in all caps):

Evan's name - Eamon, Ethan Jr, Erisson, Eric, Evan, ERLICH

Eric's name - Ethan Jr, Elijah, Edward Tyson (to be called Tyson), Eric, EVANDER TYSON

Kitchen paint color - Arabian Red, Ripe Currant, Pottery Red, WARM TERRA COTTA (the color our living was for about 5 minutes until Ethan announced he didn't like the color--as I was finishing up the final coat of paint on the last wall)

Eric's birthday present - this, this, this, and THIS

1 comment:

  1. So what's wrong with THIS... I like it and your house could probably use the pink :) You aren't propegating gender stereo types at your house are you?