Thursday, March 6, 2008

Useless uses for somewhat useless utilities

I still love my truck (although it needs a bath and a first oil change). The one feature I really really really wanted was the ability to use a remote to put the liftgate up and down. To get that one teeny tiny feature, you have to get like 17 other things. Like a backup camera. And leather heated seats. Woe is me.

I had already discovered a 'bonus' use for the backup camera...when I pull through a parking spot in the garage (old work) or the grocery store? I use the camera to make sure I'm actually over the line and not bing one of those inconsiderate you-know-what that hogs up 2 parking spaces.

And today, I discovered a bonus use for the passenger side seat warmer. I can't wait to tell my mother (she thought the backup camera to help park was a great idea). Are you ready? You're about to witness some real ingenuity here.: it keeps my lunch warm if I'm bringing carryout back to my office.

Shush. It works. I didn't have to eat cold pizza. And if you have heated seats, you really need to stop laughing because you know you're going to start doing this too!!


  1. When did you get so smart?
    You must have gotten a degree from a VERY prestigious university.
    And probably had some equally smart roommates.
    That is in fact, the best idea I have heard of in a while!

  2. O.k., now I don't have the latest in technology- so when I first read about this "backup camera", I thought you were using a camera and sticking it out your window and recording so you could see where you were going. I did.

    I hang my head. But, oh how blessed I was with a mind to figure things out. Just not common sense.

    And I'll take a vehicle with an ass warmer any day. wait. It's not cold here much. But the lunch feature might sell me.

  3. Tom Jr. uses the power mirrors to make sure that he's in the parking spot straight. I so totally would do that if I had car that was actually made in the past ten years!

  4. You are a dork. But in the best possible way.

    But seriously, it gets THAT warm?!?!