Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday breakfast in a houseful of boys.

It has become somewhat of a tradition in our house for Ethan to get up on Sunday mornings and make a pancake breakfast for everyone. It very quickly evolved into chocolate chip pancakes with Cool Whip for Ethan, whipped cream for me, and all of the above plus chocolate syrup for Evan. Eric bypasses the pancake completely and just easts the whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

We suffered through about a year of Ethan making them on a griddle that sat on top of the grill when pancake-making took the better part of an hour. There were many batches scraped into the trash because the griddle was too hot, the wind was complicating things, not enough grease, etc. Sunday breakfast became a painful ordeal of Evan and I standing at the sliding glass door with our noses pressed to the glass, wondering when the food would be ready. Thankfully, pre-Christmas 2 years ago, Ethan sent me a link and I swear to you it's the only time I bought something purely on the title. I didn't read the reviews, look for a better price, or anything, I was so excited at the idea of cooking pancakes inside the house. It proved it's value in the first weekend when pancakes were prepared, cooked, and served in the time it took me to set the table.

So, breakfast this morning. Evan wakes up at his normal time despite going to bed 2 hours late, except it's really an hour later because of the whole spring forward thing. After an hour or so of TV and playing "quietly" in his room (aka crashing his race car into the wall before I confiscated it), Ethan got up to make pancakes and I went to get Eric.

Side note #1: Contrary to other people's opinions, I am not a morning person. I do get up early and like to get to work on the early side, but I do that so I don't actually have to be social for the first hour of the day.

Side note #2: I am supposed to get to sleep in on Sundays. However, Ethan doesn't usually get out of bed until a child has been making a racket for at least 45 minutes and he insists on making pancakes as soon as he rolls out of bed. Neither of these scenarios is good for sleeping in.

Back to the story. Eric and I come down and Evan and Ethan are making pancakes. Ethan asks me to find a recipe to make some sort of banana topping to put on top of the pancakes. Yeah. I did an obligatory google search and told him to figure it out for next week. We sit at the table and get everyone's pancakes the way they want them (and then give Eric cereal, after which he promptly points to the chocolate syrup--uh, no). Then someone who really should know better lets off a little gas. This is my morning.


  1. It is better to let it out and bear the shame than hold it in and bear the pain.

    But dude, not at breakfast...

  2. I would have let some out - just to spite my husband.
    And - just to be mean - at the breakfast table.
    But - I would have said "Excuse me"