Saturday, January 19, 2008

All in!

Tonight is poker night. Again. Still? Poor Ethan...he loves to play Texas Hold 'Em and tries to get a group of guys together for a game about once a month and it just doesn't go according to plan. And he actually does plan! Evite a few weeks in advance, emails, phone calls, etc. So today, when there were only 4 guys available to play, he decided to cancel tonight's game. I'll take credit for my suggestion of telling him to just go out for a few beers with the other 3 guys (they're all part of the Ironman club) and even suggested a nice manly place to go. Good Wifey!

There is a huge long story, but poker is back on. An unexpected guy showed up and Ethan dragged one of our neighbors up here to take the place of one of the original guys who bailed on the bar after poker was canceled (something about needing to save his kitchen pass--unmarried and no kids, struck me as odd. Either that or I need to start spending more time with his girlfriend to find out how to get that kind of power!). Ethan grumbled something about being hungry and needing to order pizza, but I think I found enough munchy items to keep them happy for a while. Have to justify all my hostess supplies somehow!

So I'm settling in for a little bit of Tivo time; maybe watch the new show 'Cashmere Mafia' -- one of my co-workers has been talking about and I haven't had a chance to watch.