Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday afternoon randomness

Eric is in the kitchen singing what sounds like 'The Wheels on the Bus." He keeps going "up and down, up and down" and throwing his moose into the air.

Evan is in the dining room singing "Life is a Highway." And we have not watched Cars in at least a week.

Eric just stepped on Evan's little toe, but it was not his "tiniest, tiniest, tiniest toe" What toe does that make that exactly? Evan is retaliating by squeezing Eric.

Ethan needs to borrow my SD card to figure out why his phone is not seeing his own SD card. He found everything in my purse EXCEPT the SD card (and gave me props for carrying a corkscrew). I went over and barely had to look in the purse to see the SD card sitting in plain sight. Explains why men don't carry purses.

Evan is still in a horrible mood. Seriously, how long until bed time?

I looked outside and saw our neighbor's child has multiplied into 2 (okay, maybe it's a friend/cousin). Needless to say, these neighbors are loud enough with 1 kid and I am not looking forward to twice as much noise. And the kid doesn't seem to have any kind of reasonable bedtime. Ethan has gone over there to ask if someone fell down the stairs (multiple times, sometimes more than once in one day) and they swear they're being quiet as mice.

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