Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 14 - Problems on the back end

An unintentional use of the word 'ass' has come up twice today:

1. Our client status report, when someone inadvertently used 'asses' instead of 'assess.' We caught it after it had been sent to the client. Oops.

2. Evan says to me "Mommy, my ass pack is hurting my back." No we don't have some kind of weird twisted holistic medicine going on in our house, but the ice pack was digging into his back. Why does he need an ice pack, you ask? Quite honestly, I have no idea.

I left the house for 10 measly minutes to conduct a Craigslist deal at our local Starbucks (no need for a portable GPS when you have one built into your vehicle!) and came home to all the boys stomping down the stairs and something about Evan pretending to throw something and falling into the nightstand. I don't want to know anymore, I accept that this is just something that happens in a houseful of boys. But it required some tickling, a kiss, an episode of Little Einsteins, an ice pack, and a drink. Only a boy/man would require this much attention on a 2 inch scratch :-)

My pitiful boy, laying on his 'ass pack'

My other boys, because they're cute too...
no idea where Eric gets that "get away from me" look on his face


  1. Ahhhh, sorry for the scratch. But glad you were able to assess the situation and give the right amount of kisses and attention :)

  2. Yes, I'm quite good at assessments. At least I didn't have to asses any asses.

  3. Gee Evan has some pretty awesome Buzz Lightyear pajamas on, I wonder where they came from ;-)

    At least Evan didn't use a bad word in the correct context like I did when I was his age :-D

  4. Evan looks like he's "terribly hurt"...boys are so funny. And I'm pretty sure I've seen Eric's look before....MOMMY....hint hint

  5. and Ethan thought people would think I was talking about him and 'the look'

    the kids LOVE their Disney PJs...Cars, Buzz, Nemo, Little Einsteins (aka Memo and Ay-nine)