Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shower Hour

One of Evan's Christmas presents was a fish shower and, I have to admit, this was intended to give Ethan and I break more than it was for Evan to enjoy. 2 kids, 3 baths a week (more if Eric's eczema starts flaring up), it gets tiring. Evan has not been a huge fan of the shower and freaks out when the water touches his face, even though he's fine going underwater in a swimming pool. I get it though, because I don't really like my face to be wet either and only a weirdo like me would understand a weirdo like that :-)

But today...shower success! He did the whole shower by himself (except for his legs, again because of the water in the face issue) and even washed his hair! It was hilarious to watch, and Ethan still has a bewildered look on his face when I called him up to watch Evan holding onto the wall and lifting each leg so he could sufficiently rinse. And then crouch under the shower with his head tilted back until I told him his shower was lasting longer than mine...I swear, he's going to be one of those guys who pays big bucks for a haircut just so he can get the scalp massage :-)

Anyway, my plan to not have to bathe a child is nearly complete <>


  1. I can hear the wheels in your brain spinning all the way over here!