Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 17 - Hello Snow

And today it snowed. I contemplated not even going into work, since my nose is stuffy and throat is scratchy, figuring it's very likely that daycare would close early, but in I went. Stayed until about 12, then when people who live much closer to work than I do started leaving, figured it was time to call it a day. Dealt with the dumb people on the roads driving 30 mph and the snowplows which were pretty much plowing asphalt since there is no accumulation on the highways. Got home, cleared the front steps, had a conference call, and went to tackle the shoveling. The steps, the sidewalk all in front of our house and around to our parking spaces, and even a cute little path around the parking spaces because Ethan always does that and complains when I don't. Seriously, you want me to shovel a parking lot? But I did, so he and my children can walk somewhat safely into the house. And then I salted everything, which required like 6 trips back into the house to refill the giant cup I was using to take the salty stuff. And because I'm sure all my hard work will be undone by the time Ethan gets home to appreciate it, here's the proof:

And this is just a nice view of the snow from our house...


  1. Very lovely! And great job shoveling. The stuff we have is heavy and thick!

  2. And is that your new car??

    I'll shovel a bit after I get Tommy from