Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day 26 - Husband at Costco - $140

It has been a day. Evan has been complaining, for the second Saturday in a row, that he is sick. He decided wasn't too sick to go to Costco and swimming, but more coughing than last week, bright pink cheeks, and a slight fever. Hopefully the kiddie motrin and a good nights sleep make things right in the world.

We decided to have a family trip to Costco this morning and I have determined that taking Ethan with me costs us $140. And he only pushes the cart part of the time. Ok, $134, because I MIGHT have decided to buy the sushi without him. It was horrible by the way...I could not even swallow the first bite and Ethan went running to the sushi place down the street that has service faster than a McDonalds drive-through window. But the meatballs, onion, tuna, pomegranate juice, and mattress topper are totally his fault. Although he was trying to help me by suggesting the mattress topper (I'm getting old and my back hurts in the morning, thought this would be a better alternative to a new mattress). But he was willing to buy it withOUT the $40 off coupon, in which case he would have cost us $180.

While the big E's were swimming and the littlest E was sleeping, I decided to put the new memory foam mattress topper on the bed. I nearly threw out my already sore back doing it. They are not kidding when they say memory--this thing has been shrink-wrapped into a ball for who knows how long and had no desire to unfold and spread across the bed. And I didn't notice much difference laying on it, but we'll see how it goes tomorrow. So help me if I have to put the thing BACK in the box to return it.

Did I mention Evan is being a beast today? And declined a nap after he got home from swimming? We decided no TV this afternoon because of his behavior, so he (Evan) kept asking Eric if he wanted to watch TV, and Eric kept running into the living room yelling "BB!" (TV). And then asking Eric if he wanted to go upstairs. And then running around with greeting cards on their heads until Ethan asked if they were being sent to go work in the rice fields. I'm sure there's more, but I'm tired.

This about sums up the day


  1. Yikes, we had a very similar behavior day with Aubrey. No fun. No fun at all. And Goldlocks combines with Godzila... I get it. And in fact that is what Aubrey was today... so Evan was just channeling his future girlfriend.

  2. HA...John does the same crap to me at Costco. But he gets bogged down at the clothes - then NEVER tries things on and washes them - and then when they don't fit, he gets mad!
    Tommy's been on a rip, too. Must be something in the air.

  3. This is WEIRD! Sebi was a little monster for the most part of the morning also.

    I took computer time away from him for the next two days, t.v. for the next week, and I believe I told him that when he was ready to drive he should wait another year because "THAT WASN'T GONNA HAPPEN"

    and then my head wouldn't let me say any of that- which is why I always put myself in time out before I lose it with him...

    at least I'm not the only mom going crazy.