Sunday, January 6, 2008

Shopping success!!

I might attach a picture to this to make it the daily post, but in the meantime, I just need to say that I am the bomb. I went to CVS today and spent less than $2 out of pocket. And I got TONS of stuff...lots of chocolate for my hubby and chocoholic co-workers, Loreal shampoo, conditioner, and some styling goop for me, toothpaste, Lysol to neutralize the stinky diaper pail and litter box odors, Cottonelle wipes which Eric has happily been carrying around all afternoon, and enough cold medicine to relieve all the symptoms that are undoubtedly coming (2 bottles of Robitussen, 2 varieties of Tylenol cold, 1 kids Tylenol, 1 bottle of Aleve, and 1 pack of the Sudacare Shower Soother things that I always think would be a great idea when my sinuses are a giant un-moving block of you-know-what). For $1.73!!!

Okay, originally all that came to ~$75, then I had $56 in coupons, and another $17 in CVS 'Extra Care Bucks'. And after all that, I got another $26 in ECBs to spend on my next CVS shopping trip. The receipt is taller than I am--I love it.

I'm so proud of myself :-)


  1. I knew you could be a thrifty shopper, but that is AWESOME!!

  2. Wow... you need to teach me a few of your tricks :-)

  3. That is quite impressive! I have one question - how many kids did you have with you?

  4. I tried to take Evan with me originally, but he was in a BEAST of a mood after church, so I ended up going solo while the boys were sleeping.