Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How to blog for 365 days...

Some thoughts:
  • A brilliant quote/saying from one of my children every day--although even I might get tired of that and the most memorable thing from day is "Santa Clause is coming to town, buh-doomp buh-doomp...he's making a list, shaking it twice..." repeat 700 times.
  • A recipe--but most of my recipes come from a cookbook and I think there might be some copyright issues there. However, I truly love The Six O'Clock Scramble and highly recommend to anyone who finds themselves banging their head into a wall over what to make to dinner and can only think of the standby chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. An awesome book and is very helpful in forcing you to plan ahead. Oh, but the recipe winner of the night was Parmesan Acorn Squash. YUM. Cook it in the microwave for 10 minutes instead of baking for an hour. Absolutely fantastic--Eric practically licked his plate.
  • Random blogging, since I seem to lose my train of thought so quickly.
  • A theme of the day, as suggested by that chick over there (some funny stuff on her blog, glad she found me and left a comment!). A good idea, and much easier than doing the same thing for 365 (almost) straight days.
But in the end, I think I'm going to put a new Christmas gift and some (hopefully) talent to good use...I received a new high-tech digital SLR camera for Christmas and am signed up to take a class to learn how to use such a fancy camera (besides the 'auto' setting) starting in February, so I think I'll try a picture of the day. Not always a new one, because I definitely have enough 'old' ones to post for about 10 years, but hopefully as I learn how to use this thing, my skills will improve and I'll have some good pictures to show. Or some embarrassments for everyone (including me) to get a laugh out of. Don't worry, I'll tell stories too ;-)


  1. Hey, what camera did you get? I love my Nikon D40 but I don't know how to use anything but Auto... so maybe you could do a class summary for me :)

    Those are GREAT ideas!

  2. Santa brought the Canon Digital Rebel XTi...does a great job on auto so far, but hoping to learn a few tricks...I will let you know what I learn!