Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day 22 - Uhh-noyed

This is going to be a complaining blog, just as a warning. And I actually had a relatively good day, but somehow it all went crashing downhill on my way home.
  • Our daycare is great/awful at sales. Evan buys it in a heartbeat and then I am left to un-sell my child. They offer soccer and Spanish lessons through daycare. At an extra charge, roughly the same as what I would pay to the local park services. They offer these programs during regular daycare hours (when I am already paying a significant amount of money to have my children cared for). And, the kicker, daycare teachers teach these programs. So, why would I pay extra money for someone I am already paying to watch my child teach them something during hours I am already paying for my child to be there? Of course, explaining to Evan that he needs to wait another 2 months to play soccer on Saturdays is like telling him he has to wait until he's 10, but so far he's been good about it. Daycare has a knack for offering these programs shortly after registration has closed for the park service programs.
  • I sold my old semi-digital SLR camera on eBay for a fair, but not outrageous price. Enough to pay for my upcoming photography class and put a few bucks towards a lens/flash on my new camera. I am a very honest person...I don't think I have the ability to consciously rip someone off and the guy who bought the camera is making me feel as though I have ripped him off (I also have a horrible guilt complex if I even suspect I have done something wrong). I forgot to say the camera had a nick in the lens, even though it has in no way affected the quality of any pictures I have taken. He is claiming the photos have these big blurry spots on them which Ethan says looks like he put on there himself with Photoshop. And I'm so glad Ethan said that, or I would still be sitting here feeling guilty. But instead I'm ticked, because I know what I sold the guy and he is making me second guess myself and potentially ruin my perfect eBay reputation. My guess is that the guy is going to try and get me to refund some of his money, but I'm standing strong and will tell him (for a 3rd time) to return the camera to me and I'll refund all his money and if the camera is indeed broken, then it's a good thing I insured it ;-) So we'll see.
  • Some people I work with/for are just pains. And they wait until late in the day to be especially painful, which means I have to log on and deal with it now, or dread dealing with it until tomorrow morning.
  • Ethan out 'scooped' me and told me Heath Ledger died. All day, all I see is how Britney finally showed up for a deposition, and he gets the good celebrity gossip.
And to help myself continue to not feel guilty, here's the picture the guy sent me (which is a little weird to start with):

And one of the last pictures I took with the camera, where this absolutely no sign of the blurry spots:

But look, with Photoshop, I too can have a photo with a blurry spot that looks strangely like his blurry spot:


  1. Yuck. I am sorry for the guilt trips all the way around!

    But LOL on the photoshop :) Good show!

  2. Sorry you had a guilt trippy day... if it makes you feel any better Chuck outscooped me on Heath Ledger too!

  3. HOLD YOUR GROUND. That guy sounds like a butthead!!

  4. That's not a blur. That's an orb. Redirect his energies to other ufo enthusiasts.

    And if he does send it back, send him a picture where you photoshop the "orb" splitting into advanced structures, like squares and triangles.

  5. Wait...does daycare tell the boys about the soccer and Spanish and stuff BEFORE you?! THAT's crap!