Sunday, January 20, 2008

More shoes and haircuts

So we made our trek to the mall this afternoon for haircuts and shoes. Somehow Ethan has decided he should get his hair cut at the same place as the kids, and I just realized he is (potentially) scamming a free haircut! Haircuts count as a 'personal' expense, but since he's getting it done with the kids, it all gets paid for out of our joint account...hmmm...hubby? Haircuts went fine, except the lady gave Eric a lollipop to distract him, which was fine until he figured out how to open it half a second later. Darn! Oh well, it kept him happy for the trip to the mall and in the stroller, so can't complain too much.

Shoe store was also successful, except when did Payless get to be so expensive? $45 for 2 pairs of kids shoes that will be worn out by the time they grow out of them, maybe 6 months from now? True, Evan did get a pair of 'Cars' ones that light up, but I bet I could get a pair of kid-size Nike's for the same price...realized after we got home that Eric's new shoes were still too small (no wonder he keeps taking his shoes/slippers off), but fixed that before dinner and hopefully all is well now.

I have figured out a way to take a little bit of the edge off the price of the Payless shoes...great website where you buy gift cards at a discounted rate. We've bought a couple so far and they work without issues.