Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day 27 - Not again!

Evan seems to be sick again. The kid who never gets sick. Up most of the night with a fever of 103, awake and wanting cereal at 4 am, talked him back into bed until 6 something or other. He went back to bed around 10:30 and slept for a couple of hours. Perked up after lunch and a movie, then went back into his room for another 2 hour nap around 4:00 and is already tucked in for the night after a loooong steamy shower. It's just weird to see him so out of sorts. I'm paranoid after his last illness, so off to the doctor tomorrow just to make sure everything's okay.

Needless to say, I'm not sure if the new mattress topper is worth the money, because I didn't spend that many consecutive sleeping hours in bed last night :-)

Eric, on the other hand, was in rare form today--in a good way. Maybe because he was getting all the attention for most of the day? He was laughing, singing, dancing, talking like I've never seen before--lots of fun!

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  1. Yikes, keep us posted on the Sick Man.

    I find Molly to be such a wonderfully happy and fascinating child - when she is getting undivided attention :)

  2. I'm predicting a blog about MICKEY MOUSE on TV and some serious antibiotics! Hope the Dr appt goes well!