Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sometimes, things are good

I am excluding work from this statement, because my heartburn has returned and I think my blood pressure has doubled since Monday. But it's fine and will work itself out one way or another.

I picked Evan up from daycare today and his teacher complimented him on being such a helpful boy. There is a new girl in the class who is not fluent in English and she kept referring to Evan as 'she.' Evan was not mean or offended, but instead went around the room and said "that's Andrew, he's a he" and "that's Skye, she's a she" to show how boys are he's and girls are she's. Awww.

My sister emailed to tell me that season 4 of 90210 is coming out in April...she rocks :-) Got to rib hubby a little for not realizing season 3 was already out and would have made a fantastic Christmas gift. Hee hee.

Evan actually attempted to take a shower (GG got him this cute little fish shower that attaches to the regular one) instead of screaming and throwing a fit about it. Deal is, he does some washing in the shower, and then he gets a bath. First few times did not go so well, but we're making progress.

Went to Marshalls after bedtime to find Evan some underwear that actually fits (the only people that make size 4 boxer briefs are Target/Cherokee and designer brands--and the Cherokee ones are not working out). Found enough of the designer brands (at a reasonable price) to get us through a week, and then realized winter coats were on clearance. Eric is about to outgrow his coat, so I picked up a new one in the right size and argued with myself before getting the matching snowpants as well--seeing as how it's 70 in January, I'm sure it will be snowing in May ;-) When I got to the register, the guy looked at the tags and said "these are a set" and tore the price tag off the snowpants. I love that man. Stopped by TJ Maxx to find a coat for Evan for next year (sometimes I have bright ideas) and found an awesome coat that even Ethan approves of (except for the burnt orange color which I still don't think is that bad), also on clearance. It has the fleece lining that zips out of it and can be used for a fall/spring jacket, so double awesome.

And then I came home and saw my newest work email and pounded my head into the dining room table for a while. But I had the choice to close my email hours ago and did not, so it's my own fault and I shouldn't complain to others about it.


  1. What a smarty pants you are... while you are out and about getting next season deals - can you pick stuff up that is pink and probably a size 5 for Aubrey :) Thanks!

  2. I forgot how much you LOVE 90210!! I also love the show - and John CONSTANTLY makes fun of me when he catches me with it on TV (THANK YOU SOAP CHANNEL!)
    I got Tommy a black winter coat that is too big this year- and matching pants that will probably be TOO short next year...but they were from Old Navy and cost like $20. And whatever the next child is - they can wear black, too!